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Agriculture or Food Management or Natural Resources or Architecture or Construction or Literature or Arts or Audio/Video or Technology or Communications or Business Management or Administration or Education or Training or Finance or Government or Public Administration or Health or Science or Hospitality or Tourism or Human Resource or Information Technology or Law or Public Safety or Security or Manufacturing or Marketing or Sales And Service or Advertising or Science or Technology or Engineering or Mathematics or Social or Transportation or Logistics or Transportation

It’s a Great Achievement! Congratulations!

But, it’s also the right time to give back to the society.

Come, Join Us!

Welcome to Makeacareer.com!

We are here to set a new platform for career guidance. This will be an interactive platform where highly experienced people from all professions will be joining in to help, mentor and guide people to make the right choice for their careers and achieve their career goals climbing up the ladder in the professional world. Be the one, join us.

We are currently in a startup mode, but keen to have you with us right from this stage of the platform. We are open to people who have spend atleast 15 years in their profession and have gain their core expertise through vast experience that they carry with them.

This venture can be a mode of giving back to the society in the form of knowledge sharing and mentoring. Here we would have aspiring candidates from different levels in terms of knowledge and experience who would like to seek some advice from the thought leaders from their fields. We also might have fresh grads  who would like to know how to take the career further, making the right choice and putting the efforts in right direction.

So if you feel you have earned 15 years of professional experience in your domain and can definitely be a resource to help other seek their career goals, You are the one we are looking for. Join in at this time would be like becoming the core member of the system.  Just send us your details through the form below.

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